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About the Mandeville Bourbon Club

Nine original Founding Fathers created the club as a social club to better understand how to taste and appreciate various bourbons and to better understand the wonderful history behind the only American spirit.  In this short period of time, we now have over 50 members.

The Mandeville Bourbon Club is not only social in nature, but active in selecting barrels of bourbon with trips to Kentucky, and we also support local businesses and communities through our events and donations to charities.  We believe this to be a one-of-a-kind grassroots/homegrown active social club on the North Shore.

We are known for our high quality bourbon tastings and bourbon education.  We have active distilleries and distributors, such as Brown-Forman and Glazers, participate in our events.  We are known for raising awareness and appreciation of bourbon for the “regular” guy.

Mandeville Bourbon Club

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Mandeville Bourbon Club
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